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Our EB5 Projects

KOIT Global Investments is making an impact around the world by actively searching for opportunities to facilitate foreign investments in the following industries:


There is no greater need than to have modern, convenient, and reliable healthcare facilities in our communities. Whether it be a large, urban hospital, a rural urgent care center, a senior living facility, or a medical office building, EB-5 capital can be a great financing option to make these projects a reality.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Hands-down, there are more hotel, convention center, entertainment and related development projects on the market using EB-5 capital than any other types of project. Why…the jobs! Not only are new hotel developments attractive buildings which naturally are easier to explain to investors, the fact that on the day the hotel opens, jobs are created and depending on the size of the hotel, there can be a lot of direct and direct jobs. Financial institutions are becoming more stringent when considering a hotel development and EB-5 capital has been able to step in and close these deals all over the country.


Over the years, mixed-use commercial real estate developments have become a mainstay among projects using EB-5 capital. The diversity of uses and tenants creates a more attractive risk profile for domestic and foreign investors, and the job creation impact is often greater than other types of projects. While almost any mixed-use/retail development can qualify for EB-5 funding, developments that have unique characteristics, design, location, primary tenant, etc. are often the most successful.


The true benefit of the EB-5 Foreign Investment Program is its tie to real job creation, and what better projects to create solid, good-paying jobs than those in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Statistics show that the majority of economic development project announcements are primarily made up of small to medium sized expansions or relocations. Of course, every community would like a large-multinational company to land in their backyard, but those companies often have sufficient funds for the development. We are more interested in helping the bread and butter of American businesses grow.

Multi-Family Residential Housing

For the past few years, using EB-5 capital to fund multi-family residential housing projects has become a popular financing option. While most multi-family projects that use EB-5 funds are large-scale developments that can take more than two years to complete, if it is a sound project, we would like to review and consider the project. These projects benefit from the overall economic impact to an area for job creation and add needed residences for our communities.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Using EB-5 capital to help fund public projects has proven time and time again to be a great option in a time when local, regional, and state governing bodies are looking for cost effective ways to fund critical projects. These projects might include transportation, public infrastructure, municipal buildings, justice/detention facilities, and many more.

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