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EB-5 For Developers

Are you considering funding your development with EB-5 capital? We’d love to help. Below you’ll find the basic funding process outlined for your convenience. Don’t worry if the terminology seems overwhelming at first. It’s natural to have many questions at this stage, but part of our purpose as a Regional Center is to streamline the process and make the experience as easy as possible.


Preliminary Review

The developer presents the project details to our Regional Center including program construction budget, timeline, background info on the development team, etc. Our team will then decide if the project is viable for EB-5 investment.


Structure the Deal

Our Regional Center team will then work with the developer and an experienced EB-5 corporate/securities attorney to begin the preparation of all project offering materials. An EB-5 compliant business plan will be established along with a complete EB-5 compliant economic impact report and market study.


Market the Project

The project will then be marketed to investors through our network of foreign agents.


Investors Subscribe

Investors will subscribe, and all participating investors will wire applicable funds into an Escrow account.


Funds Released into Project

The investor funds are then lent to the developer based on the conditions of the Escrow agreement.


Build Project

The developer will then continue to work closely with our Regional Center and provide regular project updates as needed. + These updates will include:

  • Job reports
  • Financial reports
  • Construction reports
  • Payment of fund’s annual management fee

Project Completed

The project is then set to be completed and the loan to be paid off.


Complete Investment Process

Our regional center and/or our affiliates will assist the developer in the execution of the Investment Exit Strategy.

It's Your Turn

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